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My name is Andre Henriques, I’m a 36 year-old Portuguese currently living in Ealing, London, UK, with my partner.         

 In brief:
  • Certificate in Medieval Astrology with the Robert Zoller’s Academy of Predictive Astrology
  • Member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain
  • University degree in Management from a Lisbon University (ISEG)
  • Currently taking a Masters Degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology with the University of Wales, Lampeter

Now for a longer story:


While I was studying Management I started exploring spirituality, as I had felt for a long time that something was lacking in my life. A sense of purpose, of identity and of connection with the outer world which were just not there, and I was feeling unhappy most of the time without any particular reason.


I started with simple Sikh meditations with the third eye (the point in the forehead between the eyebrows), with a book called Inner and Outer Peace through Meditation, and was completely overwhelmed with the inner experiences I got. From then on I started my spiritual journey, first with different Eastern paths in Hinduism and Buddhism, then discovering the pre-Christian Western cultures of Celtic and Norse people, their modern revivals, and other esoteric traditions.


I would define myself as a polytheistic heathen, with knowledge seeking as a way of life and wisdom and freedom through transcendence as main life goals. Being pagan allows me to explore the different faces of Divinity in Nature and in myself, while perceiving a Unity, a Cosmic Harmony throughout the world(s) that can so easily be seen in the cycles of seasons. This Unity is associated by many with monotheism, but I believe it can complement any spiritual path.


My spiritual practices could be labelled theurgy by a Neoplatonist (on a wider sense theurgy means to me divine work, that is, interacting with different beings, like Gods, wights, plant spirits or planetary spirits, through offerings, meditations or rituals). It is a way to align with particular forces and to learn from them. I also practice shamanism (I recommend the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies) and some particular forms of reiki, and I’m also very interested in Tarot, Qabala, Alchemy, Herbalism, Anthroposophy, and many other ancient and contemporary paths. Time is my main restriction, as each one of the paths above can be the path of a life time. But diversity is also my main expansion, as many paths complement each other!

My astrology story:


I started learning astrology in early 2005, with my friend and teacher Gilberto Lascariz, a well-known Portuguese esoterist. I was amazed in the first class how clear some life patterns were in my birthchart, patterns that I never could make sense before. I couldn’t understand the why of those patterns at that time (that came later, and is always developing), but just seeing in a piece of paper a scheme of something of which I couldn’t understand in any other way was a complete revelation about myself, and about the potential of astrology. From then on astrology became one of my main areas of study and practice.


I had classes for two years with Joao Medeiros, a professional astrologer who learnt from Luis Ribeiro, the main reference in Traditional Astrology in Portugal. Most of those two years were in an advanced class where a small group would explore a lot of traditional techniques. In 2007 Joao was already trying to convince me to start giving professional readings, instead of just to friends as I was doing, but I always resisted, due to lack of time and not being comfortable with earning money with astrology.


In 2007, in a workshop about Solar Returns with Joao, he predicted I was going to move to a foreign country in a couple of months, and because of a girl. I had seen my solar return before, and was hoping that a big change would happen, but was sceptical about his timing, it seemed too optimistic. I had a holiday to England all planned and booked, and by many coincidences and synchronicities I ended up meeting many great people and, better than that, my other half! A couple of months later I was quitting my job in Lisbon and moving to Norfolk, starting a great new cycle.


While here in England I continued my astrological studies, and in 2009 I completed the foundation course from the renowned academy of Robert Zoller. I started having more and more friends and acquaintances from different countries asking me for readings, and willing to pay for them, but I didn’t have any time for it! I love doing astrology readings and talking to people, so I was not happy, neither were my friends, and I forced myself to go over my preconceptions and thinking seriously how could I make the astrology I love more useful to me and others. The result is this website.


In September 2009 I started a part-time Masters Degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, an academic study of astrology through past and present, and I’m loving it. Even though it’s s lot of hard work, I’m learning so much more!