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At the moment I provide three types of readings:
An Initial reading, if it is the first time you're having a reading with me;
A Follow up, for any readings after the first one;
A Rectification, if you are not sure about your time of birth. 
Initial reading
The first reading consists of one and a half hours of analysis and discussion of different aspects of your life, such as finances, education, family and home, children, hobbies, love and relationships, spirituality, career or social life.
Starting from your birth chart, which is the configuration of the skies at the moment and place you were born, I will first give an overview of how that chart configuration can relate to your life experiences.
We will then go back into your past to learn how different cycles and key moments shaped who you are today. If you feel especially interested in any given area of your life (such as career or relationships), we will discuss it as extensively as possible. Always remember that this is a service to you, and my aim is for you to benefit from the reading as much as possible.
We then move on to where you are now, and what are the possible futures you’ll face for the next year (or more, if you wish) that might be useful to know in advance. Many times there are windows of opportunities that we can take advantage of if we are prepared beforehand.
Bear in mind that the information I give you may help you taking decisions, but it is out of my scope to take decisions for you. Every person should be responsible for his or her own actions, and at every moment we are making decisions that are shaping our future.
Throughout the reading I will ask you some questions that will help me understand in depth how your specific astrological configuration materialises in your life. Obviously we will only talk about areas of your life that you want to explore. You can ask as many questions as you wish, I’ll do my best to answer them!
If you know some astrological lore, the techniques I use are traditional natal chart delineation (taking only as a side account the transpersonal planets), followed by the usual transits, firdaria, profections and solar returns.
Follow up
After the initial reading you may want to know more, or explore further, especially if some time has passed since the first reading. Different cycles unfold, and there are always new challenges to face and opportunities to take.
As I have studied your birth chart before, and kept all the notes, I don’t need to analyse your chart as extensively as I did for the first reading, so we can move straight ahead to the issues that you want to be discussed. The follow up readings are one hour long.
If you are not sure about your time of birth, there are techniques of rectification that, by knowing the timing of events in your past, allow your time of birth to be discovered. An accurate time of birth is very important for having an astrological reading which relates to all of what you are.
This is done as a pre-initial reading consultation, as the initial reading can only happen when you know accurately the day, hour and place of your birth. In one and a half hours I will ask questions about your past and yourself, in order to determine possible birth times. We will still discuss some of the most obvious issues on your birth chart, but more as a preparatory stage for the initial reading. If you are sure about your time of birth by a range of a couple of hours you can have an initial reading without the rectification.
With any of the readings I will try to adapt my discourse to your background, life experiences and to your spiritual path (if you have one, or many!). I can talk more on astrological terms and how they relate to you, if you want to learn that, or keep it as simple as I am able to. It can be relaxed and with humour, or serious and intense, depending on the subject, on yourself and what kind of answers you are asking for. My first concern is that you benefit from my services as much as possible, and that will be my guideline throughout the session.

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