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The name for this project, Drawing Down the Stars, came to me on the sleepless night of 23/03/09, at 2.41am. It was on of those nights where thoughts have life in themselves, and I was contemplating different possibilities to title this project. The day after I googled the name, and was quite surprised that no one was using it before in an astrological context, except in this article with Sufi meditations.

The name was perfect for this project, even though some of the visual ideas I had linked to this name cannot yet be materialised on this website.


The name has obvious links with the well known Drawing Down the Moon, a rite of the sorceresses of Thessaly in classical times described by Lucan in his Pharsalia: 
"Stars most in yonder clime shoot headlong from the zenith;
and the Moon gliding serene upon her nightly course
Is shorn of lustre by their poisonous chant,
Dimmed by dark earthly fires, as though our orb
Shadowed her brother's radiance and barred
The light bestowed by heaven; nor freshly shines
Until descending nearer to the earth
She sheds her baneful drops upon the mead."
                                           Pharsalia, Book VI, 594-602.

Magic the starry lamps from heaven can tear,

And shoot them gleaming through the dusky air;

Can blot fair Cynthia's countenance serene,

And poison with foul spells the silver queen

. .. . . .. . . ... .. .. ...

Held by the charming song, she strives in vain,

And labours with the long pursuing pain;

Till down, and downward still, compell'd to come,

On hallow'd herbs she sheds her fatal foam.”
       Erica Reiner's poetic translation in 'Astral Magic in Babylonia', available from the American Philosophical Society,
       quoted by Nicholas Campion, History of Western Astrology, Vol. I, p.130.
For more on Drawing Down the Moon, including the modern Wiccan rite, see this blog.

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